7 Keys For Staying Anchored in the Storm!

As the time of Jesus’ return draws near, the church will need to become more grounded than ever before, in the Father’s sufficiency in all things, and the extreme perfection of His Governance. He is the everlasting God,  the Sovereign Lord, the Father of Creation. He is our Strong Tower and our Refuge. In His great providence, He will empower us to discern demonic attacks and provide strategies to break their power and grip over our lives and communities. As we wise take care to prepare ourselves, spirit soul, and body for the struggle ahead there are seven key strategies for victory to consider.

Have no Agreement with the Enemy and the World. Jesus told us, the ruler of this world is coming and he has nothing in Me (Jn. 14:30). In a time of war no soldier can afford to be entangled with the world and with the lusts of the world., or have any place of agreement within them with the enemy’s thinking, words and ways.

The Lord is calling for His people to now separate, detach and come out of Babylon! Begin to Detach from things that tie you to the world as much as you are able; this includes relationships that God is frowning upon. Identify and leave behind all idols in your life.

Get Under Cover! When a storm comes the wise thing to do is to run for cover—a place of safety. I keep seeing a picture of a farmhouse with children playing outside; the skies overhead begin to get dark with clouds as a storm rises in the distance. The mother stands on the porch and shouts to the children to get inside! This is a warning that it is time to get under cover.

Alignment and covering are two different things; both are good and needed! Alignment with anointed Ministries and Networks unites you with their anointing as you receive from those you honor. Covering is a picture of the family. It is your home, a safe place with leadership and others who are trustworthy and with whom you have developed a relationship. Over the Covid years there was a great migration of people leaving churches to go to others or who chose to stay at home. I believe God is drawing us back into families that are a place of protection and fellowship with people who have our back. He will be showing everyone where they belong—if we have humility of heart we will have ears to hear. Find your safe place under the authority of those who love you and have your best interest at heart, who celebrate you and release you to your call and destiny.

Renounce Division: There is tremendous dunamis power in the principle of agreement. The enemy knows this, and that is why his chief strategy is to divide and conquer. In times of persecution, saints must come together and become a body, renounce division, and learn to work together in a corporate union. The power of corporate agreement defeats the enemy. To become one we must resist the temptation to be offended, to be angry, or to be too religious to work with others.

Know The Power of Your Covenant: Understand and apply the power of our Covenant in Christ in His Blood. Revelation of the protection our Covenant provides, causes us to overcome fear and maintain a place of peace and joy that provides the strength to be bold and to persevere.

Release Your Voice: This is the decade of Pey reflecting the voice in Hebrew. Like Jeremiah, God is saying to say to His servants, “Do not fear their faces, for I am with you to deliver you!” Your voice is the weapon of Heaven that tears down strongholds and releases fire to consume sin. Decree the will and the Word of God with courage in any and every arena.

Strengthen And Train Your Spirit: To possess fortitude in the battles ahead your spirit must come to the forefront, subdue the soul and rise to take its place of destiny in God’s will. This comes with time spent in God’s Presence and in the crucible of His Fire where the flesh and soulish empowerment are put to death.

Agree With God: Render powerless the global mind control machine working ferociously to win you over to their narrative. By praying in the Spirit, eating the Word of God, and taking Communion daily we appropriate power and clarity of mind in Christ to resist the demonic communications targeting us through technology and the airwaves. 21st Century Warfare must now be employed against the enemy as it is being employed against us. We are in a new age and warfare has been ramping up against the saints.  The full armor of God must become our daily attire as go on the offensive against demonic schemes.

We have entered an epic season of profound intercession in a season of war! There is now coming, a mighty wave of power-backed intercession sweeping across the Global Body of Christ to undergird the work of the Holy Spirit and the angelic host in a partnership to possess the Kingdoms of this earth for God, to release God’s Harvest from captivity—to take captive the enemy’s prey.

Our Intercession must now graduate to the place of tactical accuracy that strikes the target. This comes only through an authentic union with the intercession of Jesus. Jesus is raising up an apostolic/prophetic army that will unite with Him in strategic intercession that brings forth His ends. This Army recognizes that Jesus is our Goshen, our place of refuge, protection, and provision. As we learn to move and have our being in Him we will begin to discern greater dimensions of His being.


Published by

Faith Marie Baczko

Christian Author & Prophetic Teacher Ministering internationally.

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