A Word For Canada & America!


In 2022, a prophecy was given regarding “Fires of Awakening coming to the East Coast of America. The Lord then showed another prophet in Florida, the Angel of Awakening stepping on the shores of Florida, and when he did, a fire ignited and ran up the eastern corridor of America from Miami to Maine! 

Prophetic intercessors mobilized and in obedience to God began to pray about these revelations and a series of meetings called The Baton of Awakening started in Florida, traveling up the I-95 to Main a Baton was passed at every meeting. It was then noted that the I-95 continued into New Brunswick Canada for 9 miles, stopping in the city of Woodstock. 

Upon researching the Prophetic History of Canada, one of the leaders of the movement found an article I had written previously called, Canada: God’s Chosen Anchor Runner where, I shared that the Baton would be passed by America to Canada. The Lord had revealed that Canada was the last runner in a Movement of God coming into the nation from the Eastgate in a Divine circuit that first began in Israel and would end in Israel.  It was then decided that the meetings would continue into Canada and a baton was to be passed into the nation of Canada from America. 

A historic meeting was held in Woodstock, New Brunswick on January 23/23. Fifteen states from the East Coast of the United States along with Pastors and leaders from the Maritime region, and Ontario, in agreement declared a word of awakening over Canada. A Baton was passed to key leaders of the region.

A few months later, on Passover April 2023 I attended a conference this time in Woodstock Ontario, meant to rally the troops for Canada. I received a vision during a very anointed time of worship. The vision confirmed revelation that the Lord had been giving leading up to Passover and this conference. I was shown that Passover 2023 was going to be a very unique and significant. The Lord had prepared a company of warriors servants who had willingly walked through the fires of preparation, had detached themselves from worldly desires, had disentangled themselves from civilian life to become drafted into God’s, Kingdom Battalion, a reserve prepared for the hour. Prior to this conference, I had spoken many times, encouraging the others to not miss this opportunity to press through the threshold and pass through the gate into a new age, and a new era of history—into a season of great warfare and of great Glory.

During worship at the conference, I had a vision and saw a very large company of warriors on horseback with Jesus leading at the head. The entire company followed the lead of Jesus in a quiet, deliberate saunter, crossing over and passing through to take history captive to the will of the King. The atmosphere was surreal and misty, carrying great power, authority, and significance.

There was no anxiety, no bluster only absolute piece, emboldened by fierce determination. The armies of God we’re on the move. A scattered ragtag army had been transformed into a Royal Brigade, branded and marked with the seal of the King on their foreheads. It was a moment characterized by great signs or wonders and power moves of the Spirit as we have known in the past. However, I believe the moment marked a notable shift for the history of Canada. The King began to ride, and strategies were about to be implemented. Locations were being marked for battle and hubs secured for Glory. Ministries were discharged and bold voices sent to release the voice of the Lord.

Canada has a significant prophetic destiny as has been prophesied by many leaders over the last century. I believe that God will now be breathing on and activating all past prophetic words given over the nation as His purposes now erupt from the soil of this nation. I asked the Lord the significance of both cities of Woodstock, He said, I have found wood in Woodstock, wood that represents My servants in this nation, wood that I can use to start a Fire of Awakening across the nation.

A generation has risen across Canada, a headstone or last stone generation prepared and outfitted to be the last runner, that runs the last leg of the race, completing a Divine circuit that hands the baton back to Israel where the race first began 2000 years ago.

“Canada has been ordained by God for a special work, to play a critical role in the outworking of God’s plan to unveil the Bride of Christ in preparation for union with the Bridegroom. This nation has an ambassadorial call to apostolic leadership, to represent God’s strategies for the closing of this age, and for the unification of the Body of Christ in its transformation into the Bride of Christ! (From previous article)

The Lord would say to Canada, “This nation has been set apart by Me and for Me as an instrument for global execution of My will. An apostolic prophetic five-fold company from this nation will work with Me to complete the building work of My House and prepare the nations with key revelations needed to set the stage for the summing up of all things in Me. Great grace will rest upon Canada for this work to bring forth the Head Stone (Zech. 4:7).

You have crossed over! You have crossed over with strength to conquer; do so with confidence as I am giving you your land. I will now cause My people to possess their promises and occupy territory for the Kingdom. Learn to differentiate between your personal battle for territory and the corporate national battle. They are different. Your personal battle to possess the promises is assured. You have fought well and will receive your just reward.

The corporate citywide and national campaign has begun. We will war for two things as we move together to push back the darkness. I am after MY HARVEST, and I intend to build MY HOUSE. Never forget that My House is made of living stones precious to Me. My House will come forth as I have purposed. I am the Architect! It will be a house prepared in Glory for Me! I am releasing My apostolic builders to build, releasing My apostolic generals to lead the battle and I am releasing gatherers to gather with me in the fields. Work begins now! Keep your eyes on Me always. Know that I am fully and fiercely invested in you and forever with you! Don’t doubt or be shaken by anything you see as I rise to shake rotten foundations and world systems crash. Remember always, It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.

The road marked by red batons from Florida up to New Brunswick Canada, along the I-95 was prepared in obedience to My word and shall receive the promise. The States and Provinces marked by Eastern Daylight Time are about to receive the Glory as promised… spreading toward the West. My Presence will be felt along the I-95 corridor and into all of the highways and byways across Canada.”



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