The Almighty God that we serve is the God of creation, the God of the universe and He is the God of the nations. The Lord created the nations and marked out their boundaries in relation to Israel (Deut. 32:8). He established the principles of Governance for Israel as an example to the nations. He set Israel as the center with the nations surrounding her (Ez.5:5). He then commanded the Apostles to disciple all nations.  Every nation has been given a redemptive gift and destiny to fulfill; the prime example of this is Israel. In scripture, God frequently speaks to nations as though they were a man and responsible to Him. God promised the nations to His Son, and through Him to His people (Ps. 2).  God’s promise to Christ and the church through Christ, is to rule over the nations with the scepter of God (Rev. 2:26).

When Jesus was about to ascend, He commanded His disciples to wait for the promise of the Father—the coming of the Holy Spirit. The disciples knew exactly what the coming power of the Holy Spirit meant—the restoration of the Kingdom to Israel. Acts 1:6-7 says, “Therefore,” …they asked if it was time for the restoration to begin. Jesus didn’t dispute their claim, and neither did He rebuke them. Both Jesus and the disciples knew that this was His mandate, one that had been declared by the prophets in the Word of God for thousands of centuries—that the Messiah—the King would rule and reign in righteousness from His throne in Israel. Jesus, therefore, understood their question and answered that the Father alone had the time for that event in His hand. Jesus then gave them instructions to prepare the nations for this event during the interim. He told them to “Go” and set the evidence of His Lordship in every city of every nation in the world. They went out spreading the truth of Christ, confronting Kings and rulers—the Governments of their time, knowing that one day all nations would be brought before the King and called to account. A nation’s status as a goat or sheep nation would be determined by its treatment of Israel and His Jewish family (Matt. 25:32). In Thessalonica, it was said of them, “These who have turned the world upside down have come here too” (Acts 17:6).


Before the 2020 election, I believed Donald Trump would win. The Lord did not tell me this, but I was convinced that this was His plan, and I wrote accordingly …without laying claim that the Lord had said this. On the day of the election, I was in the middle of writing a word I believed to be a word from the Lord that Donald Trump had won the election. Needless to say, I was shocked when, while writing, I heard the announcement come across the television that Joe Biden had won. I prayed earnestly and sought the Lord for an answer to this dilemma, believing I must have been mistaken. However, I sensed that the Lord said I was to publish the word just as He said. I was very shaken as I felt I would lose my reputation and was putting everything including my ministry on the line.  I spent time weighing all the consequences but chose to be obedient to God. I published the article!

The truth is that the prophetic voices—and they were numerous, accurately prophesied that Donald Trump had won, and there is much information now coming out daily exposing this to be true. The massive cover-up they called the big lie was being trumpeted abroad and still is, to intimidate and frighten everyone into silence. Leaders of all spheres, especially politicians having much to lose caved and chose to toe the line.

The prophetic function is not only one of foreseeing the future, but it also brings the word of the Lord into present realities and the interpretation of these realities in their relation to the future. The consequence of not having truth and a grasp of the level of evil at work is to easily fall prey to deception and traps of the enemy. To be a seeker and a lover of truth is one of the greatest virtues one can possess.

Prophetic people are wired differently by God. Their minds function uniquely in the way they think, perceive, and receive from God. For this reason, the prophet sitting in the office of the prophet is the most qualified person having the understanding to oversee the prophetic call and prophetic people. This became very apparent with the confusion that occurred regarding the 2020 election and Donald Trump’s role. When Donald Trump did not appear to win, it released much confusion, anger, accusation, and great offense in the Body of Christ. Many in the office of the prophet were unsure of the dynamics of what was taking place at the time, while many teachers and pastors weighed in outside of their sphere of understanding and authority.

In Proverbs, 4:7, God admonished His people to get wisdom and to get understanding. He emphasized it by saying, “…in all your getting; get understanding.”  The tribes of Israel were each given giftings and callings peculiar to them. Of the tribe of Issachar, it is said that they had understanding of the times and knew what Israel ought to do. In this verse, we tend to gloss over the first part that declares Issachar had understanding of the times! The gift of spiritual understanding is very much related to the prophetic—to the ability to see, and to the gift of the seer. Knowing what we ought to do comes from having seen and having received understanding. They knew what to do because they understood the times!

At the time of the election, many prophets who were functioning with the Issachar anointing, having understanding of the times, understood what was occurring in governments,  Why is it so important to understand that Donald Trump won? Everything of God flows out and is received from the foundation of understanding. Without that foundation, whatever comes forth will be mixed, off-center, and will therefore miss the mark. It is vital to have understanding of what took place leading up to the election, during the election, and since the election. It is vital to our welfare, and our future safety, that the people of God get understanding.

In WWII Satan, as he often does was attempting to change times and seasons outside of God’s timing. WWII left Germany with a network of close to 2,000,000 Nazi party members, all faithful to Hitler’s satanic ideology. Sons and daughters of these men and women remain today scattered throughout the world, many embedded with the same ideology having the intent to fulfill the very satanic plan that Hitler attempted—world dominion. This should not surprise Christians forewarned by God, as Satan’s agenda is clearly laid out for us in the Bible. These malevolent forces were highly organized and were moving aggressively towards this goal before the 2016 election. They were moving rapidly toward establishing global governance under the Luciferian World Order but were shut down by God when Donald Trump was set in place as the President. They work then began to ensure that that could never happen again! The 2020 election was stolen by these people, and in the rightful administration’s place, they installed their people under the administration of the Kingdom of darkness overseen by the WEF organization.

For over 70 years these people have worked ferociously to perfect their plan and bring it into reality. World governments, nations, leaders of corporations, and global banking systems through devious means have systematically bought and acquired all the world’s resources. A few elite families using the Blackrock and Vanguard corporations now own all of the world’s resources, and under the auspices of the World Economic Forum and the United Nations are now moving rapidly to establish Global Governance. With minimal research, this can be proven, as they have now become emboldened and are openly declaring their intent to all.

Their plan is diabolic, they intend to initiate programs and procedures through stakeholder overseers who penetrate or overrule government leaders of nations, to gain control of every human being on the planet. In a coordinated effort as at Babbel, they are now able to do this efficiently because of technology. They recognize that the time is now ripe and right and are creating false flags events to distract the uninformed and create opportunities to take power and control of all nations. Knowing this makes it clear why it is so important to understand that Donald Trump won the 2020 elections. He was set in place in 2016 by God, Who covered him in armor that would withstand the rage and vicious assaults of the enemy for over four years.

The world and the nations saw Donald Trump as the only man standing that could bear the brunt of the attacks and remain standing. On Earth, He, therefore, was looked to as the defender of Justice and truth against the powerful and elite. Trump is not a man to be worshipped, but he is the man created to fulfill a task for God as Cyrus was.  With this knowledge we can then understand that the present administration in the United States is a vassal state under Satanic influence, supporting the New World Order presently overpowering the world. The Biden administration is a government established upon fraud, theft, and deception. Their mandate is the destruction of all established systems, the dismantling of the banking system, and the dissolution of the economy and its resources. The chaos produced is intended to provide the opportunity to usher in the new systems of the New World Order. They plan to bring in this new world order and Global Governance beginning in 2023 as they have said (here here).

We have said and we have sung that these are the days of Elijah; it is said that Elijah comes to prepare the way of the Lord. I believe God is now asking where is Elijah? Where is Elijah who confronts kings, leaders, and gross sin in the land? Where are the voices of Elijah that will rise in defense of the children who are being systematically targeted by the LGBTQ demonic agenda—where fathers, mothers, and doctors join in the insanity to mutilate their children’s bodies, cutting off breasts and private parts, destroying the lives of a generation (This story is heart-wrenching). In the last ten years, the rate of kids transitioning to another gender has skyrocketed to over 4000%. Why is there this deafening silence in churches and governments regarding the present world madness? Where are the courageous voices of influence who will speak out…where are they? Many in the church have now compromised with world systems having bought the leaven of the Pharisees which is hypocrisy (Lk. 12:1). Where are the Gatekeepers of the land set in place by God? Many are now compromised and have either gone MIA or AWOL. 

Why is it important to bring this up during the US election again? Because the war continues and is heating up! I do not believe there will be a November election as the Democrats will lose the House and the Senate, the power they have acquired, and the gains they have made! The line is being drawn as persecution is coming on a large scale to the Christian Church. Satan plans to shut down Christianity in all nations. Will you be counted in the great need of the hour or will you become irrelevant? The enemy has promised a summer of rage over Roe versus Wade, and the war with the church, whom it blames, has begun. The leaders of nations are not favorable toward Christianity, so we cannot look to our governments for help. We must look to God who goes before us and has us covered.

But for God! The global Elite has not taken into consideration the creator God of Heaven and Earth, nor His power to disrupt their plans, which he intends to do! God has allowed them to become emboldened by their arrogance, to bring them out into the light for all to see! God is also using this opportunity to judge the rampant sin and gross darkness overtaking the world. In due time their plans will be foiled, and their systems will crash. However, because they presently own the world’s resources and have the backing of military forces, and mercenary armies, this will lead to a great clash of kingdoms. Great natural and spiritual battles may be before us, and the saints must get understanding, are equipped, trained, and mobilized in their spheres. It is vital for the people of God to now fully understand their identity in Christ as an apostolic army who are sent ones moving in the power of the Holy Spirit. God will have his army, His vanguard who are ready to shine in the Glory of God and do exploits in His name. Are you in? Are you ready to turn the world right-side-up?


Published by

Faith Marie Baczko

Christian Author & Prophetic Teacher Ministering internationally.

One thought on “GOD OF THE NATIONS!”

  1. Thanking our Lord for you, Faith, and the plain truth which shines out from the words you scribe for King Jesus and the Kingdom. I will be sharing this with many. I have felt since as a child of 9 years of age that I would encounter the same evil I read about in Corrie Ten Boom’s book A Hiding Place. It impacted me deeply and the fear of failure/denial of Jesus is a spirit that continues to harp at me – if I let it. I have learned much in the 45 years since then. I know to put on the armor of Christ and stand. I know to take that lying spirit captive and insist it bow to Christ Jesus. I know this is a spiritual reality and we are experiencing the reprisal of the physical reality of an enemy who wants God’s people dead. The enemy will not prevail! The question, to my mind, has become in which generation will Christ Jesus find His Body able to stand and not shrink back? May it be ours! So that our children and their children may know the Glory of our King as it covers the whole earth. Habakkuk 2:14. Amen.


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