Cleansing our lives of the ways, attitudes and mindsets that are not aligned to the Plumb Line of Christ is vital to our well-being, especially during the turmoil and shakings the earth will experience. These un-Christ like ways prevent us from appropriating truth, and from seeing and receiving clear direction from the Lord.

We are now drawing closer to the time of the summing up of all things in Christ; clearly a time that we must live free from the sin that has kept us bound. Now is the time to re-establish the foundational truths necessary to walk and live an authentic Christian life modeled after The Christ, and attain to the fullness of our inheritance in Christ won for us at the Cross.

The Plumb Line is designed to be a journey of appropriating the cleansing and deliverance made available to all believers in Christ through the Cross. Each chapter builds upon the previous leading the reader through teachings and revelations designed to:

– Build foundational principles
– Highlight behavior not aligned to the Plumb Line of Christ
– Reveal sin and curses providing the enemy with opportunity
– Cleanse the soul through prayers crafted to bring deliverance.

The Plumb Line is an important precursor to the other works in the Yahweh’s House Series, as one of its functions is to reveal mindsets in our thought patterns not aligned to Christ that will hinder the processing of truth. The Lord promises to deliver us from evil and has declared in His word that Jesus will return for a Bride that is, ‘without spot or wrinkle.’ The Father desires to have a House established on the foundations He has ordained, one that is clean, pure in heart and holy.


Israel is the entity through which God has chosen to begin and complete His purposes on Earth! God declared to Abraham that his offspring would be both as the sand of the sea—the beginning, and as the stars of Heaven—the completion. He revealed through Paul that Gentiles Christians have now been grafted into Israel and partake of their promises from God and the His Covenants. God’s ultimate purpose, as He has promised in His Word, is that He will make out of two – the Jewish people and Gentile Christians, one New Man – A New Man that will become the eternal Dwelling place of God.

The Blueprint reveals the incredible story of God’s plan to bring about this seemingly impossible dream it is a revelation of the structure of the House of God in relation to the Hebraic wineskin that is ‘The Messiah.’

The Blueprint is written as a presentation using detailed diagrams to show the structure of Yahweh’s House, in its progression over the centuries from inception to completion. God’s plan begins with Abraham, and as it unfolds over history, it becomes the awesome Edifice that is Yahweh’s House, as it rises in the Glory and Majesty of ‘The Messiah,’ Savior of the World.


In His Image unveils God’s intended destiny for women in His work to sum up all things in Christ at the close of this dispensation! The vast number of women now being released into ministry and leadership roles within the Church and in the world, can be taken as a very powerful sign of the lateness of the hour in which we live, as women have been created to play a significant part in the work to prepare the way for the Return of the Lord! God is now calling women forth ‘for such a time as this.’

Both men and women will be enlightened by revelations in this book that show the significance of each gender’s role in the fulfillment and completion of God’s plan! However, this book is a call to the women of God to rise up and take their place in the Father’s plan for their lives in this crucial hour of His-story. This work will:

– Awaken, warn, and inspire women to greater heights of their destiny in God.
– Provide the keys to unlock God’s destiny
– Give insight into the Word of God on the Father’s Heart for His daughters
– Serve as a tool to release women in greater numbers to fulfill their calling in Christ


Jesus cover New

Do you think you may know something about who Jesus is? In Who Is This Jesus Faith Baczko invites you to take another look at Him who gave value and worth to humanity, when He gave His life as a ransom in His love for the world. This Sacrificial offering has the power to transform the human heart, set it free from the shadows of iniquity, and release it into the Light of Divine Love.
Jesus’ entrance into the realm of Earth changed the history of the world—history that is in reality His Story unfolding in the wonders of God’s Will, power and purpose. The conclusion of this Story will unfold with power, awe and wonder; with vengeance, tribulation and shakings, and with Love and Glorious Light!
It is vital that we have understanding of this One—Christ Jesus, who determines the destiny of the World and could very possibly determine the course of your life!


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